CHS Volunteer Program

Volunteer efforts play a vital role in what we are able to accomplish at CHS. As we dedicate ourselves to the new and exciting challenges of tremendously expanded CHS programs, many more volunteers will be required. We invite you to apply for a volunteer position at the Cherryland humane Society.

  • THE FIRST STEP to becoming a volunteer at Cherryland Humane Society is attending one of our Volunteer Orientations. These are held at the shelter on the second Saturday of every month at 8:30 a.m. and there is a $15 registration fee. You can register for one of our upcoming orientations below.
  • IF YOU ARE A MINOR, you will need an adult or parent with you at all times while volunteering and the adult must also attend a Volunteer Orientation. You must be 10 years old to volunteer.
  • THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT of how many hours must be completed on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • QUESTIONS? Please Email our Volunteer Coordinator, Melissa Plamondon, at and we look forward to having you help enrich the lives of the animals at Cherryland Humane Society!

Areas of Volunteer Service

  • Animal Care: Dog walking, enrichment, socialization, hygiene, behavior modification, public assistance
  • Education: Committee work, planning, projects
  • Cleaning: 75% of the work we do is cleaning. CHS staff and volunteers clean for three hours every morning so we are always in need of help with those assignments.
  • Clerical: Data entry, materials compilation, mailings, publication mailings, record keeping, research
  • Public Relations: Hosting, tours, events, meetings
  • Promotional: Events, contacts
  • Fostering: Help the animals that have a difficult time adjusting to life in a shelter
  • Fund Raising: Committee work, planning, events
  • Donor Dog Donation Bank Program: Maintain collections, solicit new businesses
  • Miscellaneous: General maintenance, grounds and animal housing maintenance and various areas requiring expertise.

Volunteer Sign-in - VicTouch

VICTOUCH – Sign in and out of an assignment at the shelter or on your smart phone with this link:

Volunteer Profile Portal - VicNet

VICNET – Update your profile information, manage your schedule and more at this link:

Volunteer Orientation Registration

Volunteer Registration Closed until Further Notice

Thank you for your support, patience, and understanding during this unique COVID-19 situation. CHS has implemented a variety of measures to ensure our pets receive the highest quality of care. To keep your pets, staff, and community safe, we are not currently accepting new volunteers. Volunteer Orientation will resume after this unprecedented situation and the ensuing health restrictions have been lifted. Please watch our Facebook Page for current updates on our general reopening and volunteer opportunities. Thank you for caring for our animals!


(Link for Volunteers to share their pictures of animals at Cherryland Humane Society for social media, etc.)