Sky’s Story

Sixteen months and counting since we first fostered then adopted Sky. Sky had/has cancer and allergies and arthritis and at the time we first fostered her she had been at the shelter for about 5 months. Sky first captured my wife’s heart; all it took was one look into her eyes to bring me on board as well. When we agreed to foster Sky we were advised that she probably had about 6 to 9 months to live. Of course, it didn’t take long for us to fall in love with Sky and after a few months we adopted her. During the last 16 months there have been lots of ups and some downs, but never for a moment have we regretted our decision to make Sky a part of our family.

Part of the reason that we have been able to enjoy Sky is the support that we have received from everyone at Cherryland Humane Society and, most especially, the help and training we have received from Tia, courtesy of the Traverse Outdoor Landscaping and Irrigation dog training program…..

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The plan when we first brought Sky into our lives was to give her a home for the seemingly limited time remaining her. Of course, life always turns out differently than planned. As noted, at this point we are 16 months and counting. Now our hope is that we will get to count a lot more months with Sky. People keep saying how lucky Sky is to have us; my wife and I know better, we are actually the lucky ones. It is comforting to know that as and when things change with Sky, the Cherryland Humane Society and Tia and the Traverse Outdoor dog training program will be there to assist us in keeping Sky safe and happy.


Tia Barbera
Animal Behaviorist / Enrichment Coordinator



Bolt’s Story

Did you know every single one of our adopted dogs receive a full scholarship, from Traverse Outdoor, to attend CHS’s Canine Behavior Training Program?

Bolt was adopted April 20th and he couldn’t be happier! Bolt hit the jackpot with his new family. After being transferred from another shelter downstate, it did not take Bolt long to find a home.

A week after heading into his new home, Bolt’s new Dad scheduled a training session with CHS. Bolt is having some anxiety with crate training.
During Bolt’s training session, we worked on positive crate training, by tossing treats into the crate and allowing Bolt to enter and exit as he pleases. Bolt seemed to really enjoy this game, his comfort level with the crate increased with a few minutes of training.
We also sent Bolt’s Dad home with some great tools to continue this in the home such as: feed Bolt in the crate, leave the door open for Bolt to explore on his own, start with small intervals leaving Bolt in the crate, making sure Bolt is sitting & calm before exiting the crate, giving Bolt a long lasting frozen peanut butter kong while in the crate, etc.

All of this training will help Bolt create a positive association with the crate, making it his safe space, as well as not feeling so anxious when his Dad leaves for work.

Crate training may not be for every dog/family, but it is a wonderful way to help your rescue dog transition into their new home and bring them more comfort. With positive training, many dogs see their crate at their safe space, bedroom, and a space to call their very own.

Thank you Traverse Outdoor for helping dogs like Bolt transition into their new adoptive homes!



Tia Barbera
Animal Behaviorist / Enrichment Coordinator



Dudley’s Story

Dudley hit the jackpot with his new family! After being left tied to CHS’s front doors on a chilly morning, Dudley is now snuggling in bed with his new parents and zooming around his backyard! 🐶

Dudley and his family visited CHS this past week to attend a training session. They were able to attend free of charge thanks to Traverse Outdoor Scholarship Fund for our adoptable and adopted rescue dogs. 🌳
This smart pooch has learned a lot in the past few weeks, his new Dad is doing a fantastic job helping Dudley transition and learn his basic manners.

During training, Dudley and his family learned some new “leave it” tricks. A leave it cue/command can be applied to so many different scenarios. For example, barking at the front door, digging in the back yard, going after a dropped piece of human food, ignoring the crawling baby, etc.
We also discussed proper baby & dog interaction. Dudley loves his tiny human and is very respectful. Continuing training with Dudley, teaching the child how to respect the pets in the household, and constant supervision will ensure safety in the household.
Teaching your child how to interact and communicate with the pets in the household is extremely important.

CHS is extremely thankful for Traverse Outdoor’s Scholarship Fund to educate our adopters on so many important and necessary topics.

For more information on our Scholarship Fund Sponsors,


Tia Barbera
Animal Behaviorist / Enrichment Coordinator



Henry’s Story

I couldn’t have asked for a better pup than Henry. He’s been great. Getting better at walking every time we go out. I am trying to stop him from jumping on people and it is SLOWLY getting better.”

Henry arrived at CHS as a stray and had several puppy behaviors such as: mouthy, jumpy, and a lack of basic manners. But oh boy was he a sweetheart and very energetic. Henry needed to learn how to be a gentleman because, unfortunately a lack of training does deter adopters.

Through CHS’s Canine Behavior Training Program, sponsored by Traverse Outdoor, Henry was able to learn some basic obedience. Once Henry found his forever family, the Training Program then helped Henry’s new family continue his training in the home. Henry attending class to learn how to walk properly on a leash and he continues to attend classes here and there.

Henry’s family provides so much exercise and fun for Henry. He is learning everyday and we are so proud of how far he has come. What a lucky pooch to have such a committed family! Thank you to all those committed adopters who provide their rescues with the necessary and much needed exercise and training, it makes a world of difference for your pooches happiness!

HUGE thank you to Traverse Outdoor for providing the opportunity to learn to all of our adopted dogs and their families.

For more information on our Scholarship Fund Sponsors,


Tia Barbera
Animal Behaviorist / Enrichment Coordinator



Chase’s story
CHASE! Adopted and oh so happy with his new family!
Traverse Outdoor has provided CHASE with a scholarship to attend CHS’s Canine Behavior Training Program!
Chase and his family have attended a few training sessions in hopes to help Chase become a proper gentleman. It takes time and consistency, especially with a young active pup. Chase has hit the jackpot with his new family, check out this awesome update on Chase!
“Although we bring him in to see Tia from time to time, Dan and I wanted to provide some cute photos and an update on Chase!
It took a while for him (and us) to adjust to this new life, but he is settling in well. Chase is amazingly playful and is happiest when playing a good game of tug with us or playing with friends at the Slabtown dog park.
He has still yet to meet his kitty sister because of his very playful energy, but he is intrigued by the occasional meows he hears from the other room. Taking an afternoon snooze is a new development for him and an exciting sign for us that he may be finally feeling comfortable in his new forever home ❤.
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to give Chase a loving home and for choosing us to welcome such a sweet pup into our lives. Enjoy some of our recent photos and maybe we will be in soon to visit!”
Thank you Traverse Outdoor for supporting our outdoor loving dogs and helping our adoptive dogs reach their full potential.
A HUGE thank you to Chase’s family for giving Chase the loving home and education he so much deserves!
For more information on our Scholarship Fund Sponsors,


Tia Barbera
Animal Behaviorist / Enrichment Coordinator



Lady Jane’s story

Lady Jane gets one last hug from Tia before heading to her new forever home! Jane has such a bright future ahead of her and she is never looking back.

Almost 2 months ago, Lady Jane was one of the first Royalty dogs brought to CHS from the voice road hoarding case. Jane was also one of the few dogs who would approach for human affection rather than flee and hide. Jane became a leader to the rest of her pack, and demonstrated what courage and love looks like. Several other dogs were brought out of their shells with the help of Jane.

Along with training and the help of her foster family (now adoptive family), Jane has become one confident, affectionate, loving, and brilliant little lady.

Traverse Outdoor is making sure every dog that has come from a rough past gets the best behavioral care for their future. Lady Jane, along with every other Royalty dog, is receiving a full scholarship to attend CHS’s behavioral training program. CHS is honored and ecstatic to be able to provide the necessary care for these most deserving dogs.

Thank you Jane for your courage, leadership, and endless love while you were here at CHS.
A HUGE thank you to Jane’s foster/adoptive family for giving Jane the most loving home and brightest future.
Another huge thank you, to Traverse Outdoor for your continued support of our royalty dogs and their future families.

For more information about Traverse Outdoor and the Canine Behavior Training Program Scholarship Fund, please visit and



Lady and Evie’s Story
Lady Martha & Lady Evelyn have been adopted! What an amazing looking family.
Martha & Evelyn (now known as Lady & Evie) came to CHS through the Voice Road hoarding case. Evie is almost unrecognizable now! When Evie first came to the shelter she was covered in feces filled mates and she was extremely underweight. With some special grooming and tender love and care from her foster parents… Evie is a new gal with a new future ahead of her! Lady has been soaking up all this new attention and is loving her clean warm home.
When these ladies went into foster, everything seemed new to them. With a lot of patience and love, Lady and Evie learned a lot including how to accept human love. Lady has fallen head over heals for squirrels. Evie sticks close to dad and even brings his shoes to bed with her.
With how much these girls endured in their past, their futures do require training. Lady and Evie have received scholarships from Traverse Outdoor to attend CHS’s Canine Behavior Training Program! We are so thrilled to be able to provide these lovely girls with the transitional and basic training they so much deserve. Also teaching new dog parents how to work with dogs who have come from tough pasts. Thank you so much to Traverse Outdoor! Everyday is a new experience and now with this one on one attention, the possibilities are endless for these dogs!
A HUGE thank you to Lady & Evie’s family for providing a loving warm and safe home for these girls to grow and enjoy the rest of their lives. We are very excited to see these girls in class!

For more information about Traverse Outdoor and the Canine Behavior Training Program Scholarship Fund, please visit and



Kent’s Story

This handsome man found his person and he is having the time of his life!
Kent came to CHS as a stray and was a little nervous of the new change. Kent wasn’t feeling too good and needed some meds and a special diet to get everything back in order. This sweet boy took his fluids like a champ, all he wanted was some snuggles and a treat.
CHS can be a stressful place for dogs, especially when the dogs get each other excited. Kent preferred a more calm environment away from other animals, which can be tough in a shelter setting. Kent attended training class to teach him how to remain calm or how to be calm in stressful situations. He was a star and immensely helpful to his transition.
Not long after, Kent headed home with his new Dad and Mom. KENT is doing AMAZING! Kent and his family attended CHS’s training program and solidified his basic training and how to look for his stress markers (how to tell Kent is stressed). With a recent update, Kent loves snuggling in bed and on the lazy boy. Kent loves road trips and hanging with his Dad and human siblings. He is so relaxed and spoiled at home, which he deserves so much!
A huge thank you to Traverse Outdoor for providing a scholarship to Kent and his family to attend CHS’s Canine Behavior Training Program and get that extra push needed to transition from shelter to home life.
Another huge thank you to Kent’s family for not giving up on this handsome guy, providing the training he so needed, as well as educating yourself. We are so happy for you Kent! Keep up the sloppy smiles!

For more information about Traverse Outdoor and the Canine Behavior Training Program Scholarship Fund, please visit and



Nix’s Story

On June 20th Nix headed home with her new Dad and her two sisters. Oh boy have they been having the time of their lives!

Nix, now known as Daisy, is one outdoor loving dog! Just check out those smiles! Her Dad also reports she is very smart, loves the camper, great with other dogs, sticks close to home, and is a huge snuggler.

Traverse Outdoor has provided all of the adopted outdoor loving dogs scholarships to attend CHS’s Canine Behavior Training Program. Daisy has the best teachers, her Dad and sisters!

Traverse Outdoor and CHS are working alongside to ensure support though the transition from shelter to home life to every family. We are commented to always be available and provide support where needed. If you have recently adopted from CHS and are looking for any guidance, tips, or tricks for your furry friend, please contact CHS at anytime!

For more information about Traverse Outdoor and the Canine Behavior Training Program Scholarship Fund, please visit and



Tucker’s Story

Tucker found his forever home last week and oh boy was he excited! This little guy has all the puppy spirit. Puppy training classes will be in his near future. Good thing Traverse Outdoor has given Mr. Tucker, now Dune, a scholarship to attend the Canine Behavior Training Program to work on his puppy manners!

Dune’s new mom speaks dog very well so his training with her will be consistent, positive, and very fun! Before you know it, Dune will be the best behaved gentleman.

We thank Traverse Outdoor for providing so many wonderful education opportunities for our adoptive dogs and their families.

Traverse Outdoor has created a Scholarship Fund for our adopted dogs and their families to receive training classes through Cherryland. We want to make sure that every adopted dog is given the training attention and transitional assistance they deserve.

For more information about Traverse Outdoor and the Canine Behavior Training Program Scholarship Fund, please visit and



Petunya’s Story

Petunya was adopted March 21st! This special little lady had a rough start but now is living her absolute best life thanks to her adoptive mom, her foster dad, and all the volunteers who made it possible.

Petunya was rescued from Arizona; found abandoned by a back yard breeder. She was malnourished, had fur loss, and cherry eye which needed a few surgeries to heal properly. After some medical attention, Petunya was out and about hiking with her foster dad just soaking up the outdoors constantly! Petuyna’s foster dad knew that “Tuny” needed a new start to her beginning. He reached out to CHS, hearing about us from his brother who lives in Traverse City. With a big drive ahead, Traverse City was their next stop.

Petunya’s stay at CHS included office naps, field trips, snuggles with peanut butter walls, and of course a ton of outside yard play! She had many visitors and a huge fan club, but was not getting any serious interest. After some time, Petunya found her person and did not let go! Thanks to Traverse Outdoor’s Scholarship Fund, Miss P went into her new home as a foster and did an in house training/visit with her foster mom. Petunya’s transition was so important because she was unsure of other dogs. That night CHS was informed Petuyna would not be returning to the shelter, her foster mom was in love.

“You will not be getting Tuny back… she is a snorer… she belongs to me. T has a look she gives you…”

Ever since Petunya, now known as Ginger, (new life new name) has been the happiest girl! Below are a few updates from her mom!

“I am so lucky – she is such a good girl. Thanks for caring for her till I could find her.”

“Ginger (Petunya) is doing sooooo good. She makes me laugh every day. She is a great walker, crazy eater and sleeps under the covers!!”

In honor of Petunya’s love for outdoor adventures, CHS’s new agility play pen will be named Petunya’s Play Yard. Petunya’s foster dad is also donating his talent and time to build an agility course within Petunya’s Play Yard.

Thanks to the support of Traverse Outdoor’s Scholarship Fund, dogs like Petunya who deserve and need that second chance are able to find their perfect homes along with the proper training and introductions needed to succeed. Thank you Traverse Outdoor for supporting our long term residents.

For more information about Traverse Outdoor and the Canine Behavior Training Program Scholarship Fund, please visit and



Gemma’s Story

Gemma, now known as Skye, was adopted April 21st! Skye’s new family fell in love at first sight.

“My husband and I adopted Gemma (now known as Skye) last weekend. We wanted to let you know we are all in love. She is a fantastic girl and adjusting well to her new home. We will contact CHS again soon to schedule our training.

Thanks to everyone at Cherryland for all you do!

Skye’s Family”

It was soon learned that Skye had torn ACLs in both back legs, one was healed with arthritis present, the other leg needs surgery. Hikes, road trips, and playing in the yard are a daily adventure with Syke’s family! Skye is the definition of an outdoor loving dog! Recovery from her surgery is going to be tough with such an active lifestyle.

Skye’s parents scheduled the surgery; then contacted CHS to schedule a Canine Behavior Training session, thanks to Traverse Outdoor. They focused on training and fun activities they can do with Skye while she is on exercise restrictions. Mental stimulation/exercise is the best way to entertain and train your dog if physical exercise is not allowed. Skye and her parents learned a lot and are feeling so much better knowing how to give Skye the attention she deserves while on bed rest.

Thank you Traverse Outdoor for providing a scholarship to Skye in order to attend the Canine Behavior Training Program and assist her parents in adapting to her 8 month recovery! Skye is one outdoor loving dog, just look at all of her adventures! Skye can’t wait to be all healed and back into the yard come next summer!

For more information about Traverse Outdoor and the Canine Behavior Training Program Scholarship Fund, please visit and


Greta, Tori & Thor’s  Story

Greta, Tori, & Thor are loving their new homes and all the outdoor fun they are having during this sunny snowless week! 🐾

Traverse Outdoor has provided these pooches with a scholarship to attend CHS’s Canine Behavior Training Program! This program will allow these dogs to learn how to be a well behaved family member. Greta is learning her puppy manners, Tori is building her confidence, and Thor is keeping his sights on home as he explores his boundaries. 🌳

From Thor’s Family:
“Thor is doing awesome! He has been eating well, sleeping in bed with the kids or I, has a nice lead and outside/garage kennel. Been doing short runs with him for our exercise!”

We are ecstatic to be able to assist our adopted families succeed with their new rescue.

For more information about Traverse Outdoor and the Canine Behavior Training Program Scholarship Fund, please visit and


Finnegan’s Story!

Finnegan came to CHS as a little puppy ready to take on the world with his squeaky toy. Basic manners were non-existent for this playful pooch. Thanks to Traverse Outdoor Landscaping & Irrigation’s Scholarship Fund, Finnegan was able to begin his training with shelter staff!

About 6 months ago Finnegan was adopted and found his forever home! Oh boy was he an excited puppers!

His parents were offered a scholarship to attend CHS’s Canine Behavior Training Program. Finnegan and his parents attended class, learned a lot, and was able to build a foundation to continue his training at home. We are so proud of Finnegan and the handsome gentleman he has grow up to be! Below is an update on Finnegan and the wonderful life he is living with his parents.

We just wanted to pass along an update on Finnegan (formerly known as Bentley) as we approach the 6 month anniversary of his adoption. While he may have started out as a “wild child”, these days you’d never imagine that was possible. He is a puppy that is a true joy to be around and “so stinkin cute” as his trainer likes to say, that when people see him, they have to tell us just how adorable he is!

Attached are some of his recent pictures. For you to share with those that helped care for him while he was finding his way to us. We feel very blessed to have been chosen as his forever “parents”.

– Finnegan’s Mom & Dad”

For more information about Traverse Outdoor and the Canine Behavior Training Program Scholarship Fund, please visit and


Phantom’s Story

Adopted January 27th! After 116 days at the shelter, Phantom found his perfect forever home!

Phantom/Kaid came to CHS from downstate as a transfer, he was in need of a change of scenery. Being deaf Phantom was overlooked, returned, and would need some special training attention. Phantom loves to play with other dogs and would steal shoes to play with on occasion.

The Canine Behavior Training Program sponsored by Traverse Outdoor’s Scholarship Fund, allowed Phantom to get the proper and necessary training and commitment he deserved. While at the shelter Phantom shined bright and stole the heart of one amazing dog mom!

Phantom’s new mom fell in love with him downstate and followed her boy up north. Phantom now has a doggie sister to play with and a mom who works with his training everyday!

Below is an amazing update on Phantom/Kaid and how important commitment, consistency, and the proper training is when bringing a rescue dog home. Worth the read!

Here’s your six week(ish) update on Phantom. I’ve actually decided to keep his name as Kaid, because that’s the name he had when I met him and it’s the one I’ve known him by for a long time.

The two-hour car ride home from Traverse City was rough, as were the first couple days. I quickly realized how this dog had almost zero manners. Within a week, however, I saw a vast improvement. As I shared with you earlier via a Facebook post, I was very relieved to find out Kaid already walked wonderfully on leash – didn’t bite at the leash at all! He walks directly beside me or behind me, doesn’t pull, doesn’t lunge at people or critters. I owe part of this success to the backpack he wears. He carries five pounds in his backpack, and it keeps his pace perfect. He runs just as wonderfully as he walks, too. Kaid was described as a high energy dog, but I wouldn’t describe him that way, and I think that’s due in part to the new exercise he’s getting, as well as the added weight. In the routine we’ve got now, I would call him medium to low energy.

Speaking of routine, I think having a daily, predictable routine has really helped Kaid. By two weeks in, he had settled in and chilled out completely (besides five minute play sessions he likes to have with his sister Tori almost every day). He knows the routine, and he knows the rules. Meal times are a breeze. He sits and waits nicely until I put his food down and release him to eat. I can leave the room with both dogs eating and there is no food aggression. It was important to me to make sure Kaid learned to load himself into his kennel instead of being dragged or forced. It took 1-2 weeks for him to get the hang of it, and there was never a real struggle.

Kaid has learned a handful of commands rather quickly. He was already good at sit, and now he’s doing well at lay down, roll over, high five, back up, stay, and come. The ones we really need to work on and make solid are “drop it” and his recall. The recall is good, but not consistent. I just need to find the time to practice it habitually!

I hope all of you there at CHS got to see even half of the personality that I’ve gotten to see in this dog. I swear he is more like a human in so many ways. He snores louder than some of my family members, and farts often, both of which I think are hilarious. In the morning when we get up at 5:30am to run, I’ll have Tori dressed and ready to go and Kaid is still laying in bed, wishing he could sleep in. One morning, I even got him dressed and ready to go and then he went back to bed, ha ha! If I’m at the kitchen sink, he sits with his back pressed against my leg. When I’m in the shower, he pokes his head behind the curtain to make sure I’m still around. When I’m sitting at the table, he sits at my feet and does that move that I love where he looks at me upside down over his back. I hope you guys got to see that one. He waits patiently to have his jacket and backpack put on and taken off and his feet to be wiped after a walk. He was mouthy about his feet being handled at first, but it doesn’t bother him anymore. I’ve had to give him a few baths so far, and I feel incredibly lucky that he is such a champ about bath time. He can load himself into the bathtub and he doesn’t try to escape or shake himself mid-bath. 

All in all, I can say with confidence that everyone who passed on adopting this dog has severely missed out. Every person who has come over to my house and met him has commented on how “chill” and how sweet he is. This dog was meant to be mine and I’m so glad we made it into each other’s lives.

Now that I have adopted two shelter dogs of relatively young ages, I can attest to the fact that a solid routine is invaluable for every dog. It took 2-3 weeks for each of my dogs to settle in to their new home and a new routine. Knowing that Kaid had been adopted out a couple times and brought back to the shelter, I feel like other people could have had the success that I have had if they had just stuck with it and given the dog his time to adjust. I think the advice given in the adoption folder you give to your adopters is excellent. I really think following those guidelines can help to shorten the “honeymoon period”, as you call it. If anyone calls CHS wanting to return a dog they’ve adopted, feel free to use me as an example to show that a routine of exercise and discipline with limited affection (or affection at the correct times) WORKS.

Enjoy the pictures of my little piglet. The perfect little family member.

Thanks for everything you do and keep up the good work!

– Kaid/Phantom’s Mom

For more information about Traverse Outdoor and the Canine Behavior Training Program Scholarship Fund, please visit and


Nova’s Story

Adopted March 3rd 2018, Nova was brought home to her forever family! Nova spent 155 days at the shelter and boy was she happy to finally find her people.

Nova came to CHS after being abandoned at home, in a crate with two other dogs. These pooches were left without space, food, water, or a cozy place to sleep. Nova arrived with her sister and brother. All three were fearful and very hungry. Nova and her siblings warmed up slowly to CHS staff and volunteers, but eventually all came to love everyone’s company.

Nova was severely underweight and had a few wounds to her body. Staff and volunteers were quick to spoil her everyday with yummy treats, cleaning her wounds, and all the snuggles a girl could ask for. With time Nova began to gain weight and heal very well. Nova was put up for adoption and she was filled with joy to finally meet and greet every person that walked by. Then one day a family stopped in and won Nova over! After getting a teratoma removed from her eye, Nova was ready to head home!

Many rescue dogs that come to CHS all have a story. Some stories have tough beginnings, like Nova’s, that always require some extra love and attention. Thanks to Traverse Outdoor Landscaping & Irrigation, Nova was awarded a scholarship to attend CHS’s Canine Behavior Training Program. This program will help Nova learn to adjust to her new home and family as well as give her family the tools to teach her at home! Traverse Outdoor is proud to be able to provide outdoor loving dogs, like Nova, a chance to thrive!

CHS is happy to announce that Nova and her siblings have all found their perfect families!

For more information about Traverse Outdoor and the Canine Behavior Training Program Scholarship Fund, please visit and


February 10th 2018

After 231 days, Ace found his forever home!

Ace was surrendered to CHS. His former owners, a military family, could no longer care for Ace. Ace was an extremely active dog and to be temporarily living in a shelter was tough. Ace had to learn how to trust the strangers caring for him and soon opened up and exposed his soft, tender and affectionate personality. Ace connected with staff and a very special volunteer, who helped Ace develop into the happy outgoing young man he is. Ace continues to show insecurity, but hopefully not for long!

Ace was ready to head home right as his new Dad stepped through CHS doors! Ace brought tears of joy to his new family as they played around the room and shared some snuggles. Ace’s Dad inquired about training options and was absolutely thrilled to accept a scholarship to the Canine Behavior Training Program, provided by Traverse Outdoor Landscaping and Irrigation. The training classes will assist Ace and his Dad build a happy healthy relationship and remove any of Ace’s insecurities. Ace will be attending classes shortly and is excited to be top of his class!

Ace has adopted a new best friend. Thank you for giving Ace a loving home and your commitment to helping Ace develop into a permanent family member through the Canine Behavior Scholarship Fund!

The Canine Behavior Training Program Scholarship Fund allows dogs that need that extra attention to develop into a happy, healthy, and permanent family member. Adjustment for rescue dogs can take time and necessary training. With the generosity from Traverse Outdoor Landscaping and Irrigation, this has been made possible.

Mr. Murphy adopted January 19th 2018.

When Murphy was brought to CHS, he was very unsure of his temporary home. New people made Murphy nervous and he liked his personal space. With time and training, Murphy began to trust a select few which allowed Murphy to grow and express himself. Traverse Outdoor Landscaping and Irrigation has supported Murphy in his training efforts through the Canine Behavior Training Scholarship Fund.

After spending 172 days at CHS, Murphy found his forever family and loves every minute of it! Below is a quick update from Murphy’s family!

“Just thought we’d let you know Murphy is adjusting well. He’s such a great dog. We are so in love with him. He loves his walks and would play fetch 24/7 if we had the stamina. He’s housebroken, we don’t use a crate and he brings so much happiness.”

“He’s quiet for the most part. He certainly lets me know when I’m not getting ready quick enough for a walk. On walks, he notices the other dogs but doesn’t bark or get excited.”

“Thanks so much for letting us add him to our family. We sure love him!”

Thank you for giving Murphy the home and love he deserves!


The Canine Behavior Training Program Scholarship Fund allows dogs that need that extra attention to develop into a happy, healthy, and permanent family member. Adjustment for rescue dogs can take time and necessary training. With the generosity from Traverse Outdoor Landscaping and Irrigation, this has been made possible.