CHS is grateful to our kennel sponsors!  Their generous help makes it possible for us to give love, support, and individualized care to the hundreds of pets that call the shelter home as they wait for their forever families.  


Cherryland Humane Society is not accepting new kennel sponsors at this time

Tim Hyland, Owner of Bay View Flooring

“Bay View Flooring is committed to their customers and the more I learned about all the changes that had been made by Cherryland Humane Society I realized they are as committed to the animals of our community.  The challenges they face and the accomplishments they achieve on a daily basis continues to  confirm my decision on being a Dog Kennel Sponsor, they are a great organization.” 


Kathy Hyland, Owner of Pets Naturally

“As owner of Pets Naturally I thought it only natural to support Cherryland Humane Society and all the tremendous work that they do. As I learned more about the organization, their staff, their commitment and their programs I feel extremely proud that my business is a Dog Kennel Sponsor.”


Kathy Smith, Owner of Alpha Mail Inc

My company, Alpha Mail Inc, has been involved with the Cherryland Humane Society for close to 20 years. I have watched the administration change over the years. In recent years, with the hiring of Heidi Yates as Executive Director, I have seen CHS take a breath and bring new life to the halls and kennels. AMi is a small company with limited funds for donations but CHS is at the top of the list as they are sincerely trying to make a better home for animals. It seems not to be as much about the money as a whole, but how the money will break down to help these beautiful beasts. I am so proud of our Cherryland Humane Society and will always donate money, food, and items to help them find homes for every dog, cat, etc brought through their doors. Sponsoring a kennel is just one small way to make a dog comfortable while they stay at CHS awaiting their forever home.”