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Your dollars pay for food, medical attention, vaccinations — all the things needed to care for these animals until we can unite them with their fur-ever families.



Donate to Help Pets at

Cherryland Humane Society

Over 500 pets call CHS home each year as they wait to find or be reunited with their forever families.  Thanks to you, we’re able to give each one the food, shelter, and medical care they need.  Most importantly, we’re able to give them love and affection, sometimes for the first time.
Your generosity makes it all possible.  Thank you.

Make A Monthly Donation

Setting up your automatic monthly gift is the easiest way to support pets at CHS all year!  Your monthly gift of any amount helps give food, shelter, medical care, and love to the hundreds of pets who call CHS home each year.  

To set up your monthly donation over the phone, please call (231) 946-5116 ext. 106

Make A Memorial Or Honorarium

A gift to help the animals at CHS is a wonderful way to remember a person or a pet, honor an anniversary, birthday, wedding, or holiday, or simply say “thank you” to a special animal lover. 

If you would like the person the donation is in honor of to be notified, please provide their mailing information under the ‘add a note’ portion if donating through PayPal and the ‘ Write a note’ portion if donating with a debt or credit card.

If you would like an acknowledgement sent to the family of a memorial donation please provide their mailing information under the ‘add a note’ portion if donating through PayPal and the ‘ Write a note’ portion if donating with a debt or credit card.



Our needs are always changing here at CHS,

but we could always use some of these special items!

why are donations so important?


A sick, injured, or neglected animal can arrive at the shelter at any time.  Your gift to Leah’s Legacy will help these pets by providing them with comprehensive testing, surgery, medication, rehabilitation and anything else they need to heal and go on to find their forever homes. 

We believe that each pet deserves a fighting chance.  Our emergency vet care fund ensures we can give one to any pet who needs it. 

Leah came to us through Animal Control when CPS found her in a home they were investigating. At only 87 pounds, the Great Dane was skin and bone, and unable to stand by herself. We loved her right away.

Despite the suffering she had endured, her deep brown eyes only showed love. Leah was special. We put her on a high calorie diet and gave her treats and peanut butter (her favorite!) constantly. When she started standing on her own, we padded the walls and floor of her kennel so she wouldn’t get hurt when she fell over. Every day her favorite volunteers came to visit her and take her on walks or sit on the couch. She got magna-wave treatments weekly. Leah adored her friends and was always excited to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Spinal surgery may have helped Leah, and we seriously considered it. But, after evaluations from multiple vets and specialists, we realized it wouldn’t be enough. After a point, she stopped gaining weight and developing muscle strength. She had seizures. She still couldn’t walk without help for every step. Her mental health had improved since she had arrived, but her body had stopped. We knew it wouldn’t be right to put her through such an intensive surgery and healing process, her body couldn’t take it.

Cases like Leah’s hit the hardest. The heartbreaking reality of animal welfare is that there are times where even everything you can do is not enough to save someone. Most pet parents eventually have to make the tough decision to mercifully end their pet’s life and spare them further pain. As pet parents to hundreds of cats and dogs each year, we are sadly faced with that decision more frequently than the average family.

Huge thanks to these sponsors for their continued support!

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