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Our adoption process is carefully curated to help us find you the best match for you and your needs. Our Adoption Counselor will be in touch with next steps to setup a time to visit our shelter.

Dog Adoption Fee: $200

Distemper Vaccination
Rabies Vaccination
Lepto Vaccination 
Bordetella Vaccination
Basic flea/tick/deworming treatment Heartworm test
Post adoption support
                                                             Residents of Grand Traverse County must purchase a dog license ($15) in addition to adoption fee.




– You must be 21 to adopt. We accept multiple applications on each animal, it is not on a first come basis. CHS does not guarantee approval upon submission.

– Applications may be denied for any reason.

– We require all members of the household to meet the pet and multiple visits may be requested.

– All current animals in the household must be spayed/neutered and up to date on necessary vaccinations. Pets must live in the same household as the adopter.

– We do not adopt out dogs as solely outdoor pets.

– No animals will be adopted to a residence where pets are not allowed. No animal will be adopted to a group of four (4) or more unrelated adults living in the same household (e.g. student housing).

– CHS staff will not begin adoption procedures with a person who is reasonably believed to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

– No animal will be adopted to an individual who has failed to comply with the conditions of a previous adoption, including but not limited to the spaying or neutering of the pet.

– You must show a valid drivers license or state ID card.

– A vet deposit or training deposit may be required prior to adoption.

Available Dogs

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 Cherryland Humane Society would like to share with you the following list of new adoption tips to make life with your new four legged family member a rewarding, successful experience for the whole family.

Go slow with your new dog.  It takes time for a dog to adjust to a new environment and bond with his/her new family.

Keep your new dog on a leash at all times until he/she gets used to his/her new environment and family.  This is especially true if your dog is extremely shy.  You can also tether your new dog to yourself with a leash for a few days to get used to you being the pack leader.

Use a crate to contain your new dog to provide a safe space as he/she adjusts to your home and family. Place the crate in an area where the family is congregated so that your dog will feel part of the family.

Always use the crate in a positive way.  Use treats to entice your dog into the crate and reward your dog with praise when he/she goes in.

If you are experiencing company or there is a lot of activity in your home, put your dog into the crate or confined in an unused room.  This will help prevent an unwanted escape.

Inform guests to ignore your new dog, especially if he/she is shy.  Tell them to let your dog smell their hand and to scratch him/her under the chin or on the chest.  Let them know they should not pet your dog on top of the head or hug him/her around the neck.

If your dog is fearful of new people, do not force him/her to approach.  Redirect your dog’s attention and let him/her approach when ready.  Treats also can be used to reinforce positive effects of meeting new people. 

Keep your new dog off of furniture and beds.  Should you want your dog on furniture, be sure he/she earns the privilege by using the “okay” command to get up.

If your dog has an accident in the house, be sure not to punish him/her.  Instead, remove the mess and take it outdoors to the area that you want your dog to use.  Show your dog where you placed it and be sure to always take him/her to that area to go to the bathroom.

If your new dog is in a fenced in area, keep him/her on a leash and walk the perimeter to become acquainted with the boundary of the new area.  Keep the leash on when you let your dog loose until you know he/she cannot escape.

Play with your dog as much as possible! Play helps to build confidence.  Be sure not to wrestle, chase, or mouth play with your dog as this could encourage unwanted behavior.

If you decide to play tug of war with your new dog, always be sure you are in control.  Do not let your dog win or take the toy from you.  Make him/her release it.  If your dog should touch you in any way with his/her teeth, be sure to end the game immediately and put the toy away.  Never play this game with an aggressive dog or dogs of bully breeds.  Children should not play tug of war with dogs. 

Be sure to give your new dog plenty of exercise like walking or hiking.  Always make sure his/her collar is secure and that you have a tight hold on the leash – this is especially necessary with extremely shy dogs. 

For a successful relationship with your new dog, establish yourself as the pack leader.  A dog needs a daily routine, boundaries and limitations.  Ignore all demands made by your dog for attention.  Make him/her work for attention and treats, even meals. Even a simple “sit” will do. 

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