Canine Behavior Training Program

Behavior Program Scholarship Fund 

Traverse Outdoor and the Cherryland Humane society are working together to find homes for outdoor loving rescue dogs. The importance of canine communication and training will dramatically assist in placing these amazing dogs in their forever-family homes.

Traverse Outdoor Landscaping and Irrigation has offered to establish a scholarship fund for dogs that display a greater need for behavior training. The fund is awarded by CHS staff after careful analysis suggests that the availability of the class will greatly improve the placement of these “Outdoor Lovin’ Dogs”.

Traverse Outdoor is a Traverse City based landscaping and irrigation company with over 40 years of service to the community.

160 dogs were adopted in 2018!

96 of those dogs benefited from the Canine Behavior Training Program (CBTP) Scholarship Fund provided by Traverse Outdoor Landscaping & Irrigation!

68 of those dogs were hard to adopt dogs OR were at risk of returning to the shelter due to behavioral concerns.

22 of the 68 dogs were our Royalty dogs! With the help of the Training Program, our wonderful staff and volunteers, along with Traverse Outdoor’s support… these dogs are in loving homes learning how to be dogs and overcoming their fearful pasts.

As we jump into 2019, Traverse Outdoor will continue to support our Canine Behavior Training Program Scholarship Fund! Every dog adopted from CHS will receive a scholarship to CHS’s Training Program!

We are so excited to be able to provide Scholarships to our dogs and we take pride in our post adoption support!

Thank you to Traverse Outdoor and all of our amazing adopters!

Training Sessions
  • Understanding your rescue dog

    • Make your dog’s transition a pleasant one. It is important to understand your dog’s point of view. The more educated you are, the more equipped you’ll be to help your dog through any adjustment periods! Topics covered in class will include: the first few nights, the honeymoon period, setting rules & boundaries, gaining trust & security, house training, exercise, mental stimulation and basic training.

  • Socialization

    • Socialization classes are designed to build your dog’s confidence, introduce them to new experiences, teach your dog the proper way to meet and greet other dogs and people, as well as learning appropriate behaviors for social interactions. Interactions such as people coming to the door, other animals on a walk, playing gently with children, visits to the veterinarian and more! Socialize safely and at your dogs pace. NEVER force your dog to socialize. Learn and understand dog communication and signals.

  • Problem Behaviors, Basic Obedience, Mental Health, Leash Walking

    • Private classes will ensure owners and their dogs are learning at their own pace receiving one on one attention to their specific needs. Learn and work as a team to eliminate unwanted behaviors, solidify basic obedience, provide mental exercise & stimulation, and to perfect enjoyable walks in order to keep you and your dog happy and healthy!

  • Follow ups

    • Follow ups will be scheduled a few weeks after the first private class to touch base on behaviors & training learned, cover additional needs of owners & dogs, and solidify good behaviors along with owner confidence!

 Program Fee $100

Classes are held at the

Cherryland Humane Society

Taught By Tia Barbera,
CHS Animal Behaviorist

Class Availability

(Please call/email to schedule)
Tuesday: 11am – 4pm
Wednesday: 11am – 5pm
Friday: 11am – 4pm
Saturday: 11am – 3pm

For additional questions or interest in attending, please contact Tia at CHS.


Thank you Traverse Outdoor



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