Animal Surrender


Before surrendering your pet, we ask that you please consider these resources if you are looking to surrender due to needing, food or pet supplies, veterinary, spay, or neuter services, and/or behavioral assistance.


When rehoming your pet please never give away your pet to someone without screening the person carefully. Ask for references and do not give your pet away as, “free to a good home”. Adopt A Pet is a great resource to rehome your pet safely and to ensure a good home. Follow the link below for more information.


HOPE Pet Food Pantry: (231) 590-8133

Low Cost Spay/Neuter & Veterinary Care

1 Cat: (231) 883-2959,

Cherry Capital Mobile Pet Hospital: (231) 633-4738


Janelle Jewell: (231) 735-3658

Barks & Rec Dog Training: (231) 590-7497,

After reviewing the resources above if you are still unable to keep your pet and have exhausted your options, please review our animal surrender requirements below.

  • Cherryland Humane Society only accepts pets from Grand Traverse and Leelanau County. If you are from an alternate county, please reach out to your local Animal Control, rescues, shelters, etc.
  • We require our Animal Surrender Application (link below) to be filled out and submitted to our Intake Manager at
  • By filling out and submitting the Animal Surrender Application, this DOES NOT guarantee Cherryland Humane Society (CHS) will be able to take in your pet(s).
  • CHS is a no kill limited intake shelter, we are able to take in pets when space is available.
  • Please be respectful of our intake process as we receive multiple animal surrender inquires a day.
  • Please allow staff up to 48 hours to process your application.
  • Once staff processes your request, we will be in contact with next steps and the additional paperwork necessary for intake.
  • All animal surrenders are scheduled by appointment only and require a $50 surrender fee.


Completed applications submitted to our Intake Manager at


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Traverse City, MI 49696
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