CHS Volunteer Program

Volunteer efforts play a vital role in what we are able to accomplish at the CHS. As we dedicate ourselves to the new and exciting challenges of tremendously expanded CHS programs, many more volunteers will be required. We cordially extend an invitation to join us as we work together on behalf of those so dependent on us for their well-being.

Volunteer orientations are held on the second Saturday of every month at 10:00 a.m. at the shelter!  A $15 fee will cover the cost of a Volunteer T-shirt.

Areas of Volunteer Service

Animal Care: Dog walking and enrichment, socialization, hygiene, behavior modification, animal housing maintenance, public assistance, intake and adoption support
Education: assistance, committee work, planning, projects
Clerical: data entry, materials compilation, mailings, publication mailings, record keeping, research
Public Relations: hosting, tours, events, meetings
Promotional: events, contacts
Fund Raising: committee work, planning, events
Beggar Donations Canister Program: maintain collections, solicit new businesses
Miscellaneous: general maintenance, grounds maintenance, desk top publishing, various areas requiring expertise

Volunteer Sign-in Website

VICTOUCH – Sign in and out of an assignment at the shelter or on your smart phone with this link:

Volunteer Update Personal Information Website

VICNET – Update your contact information, manage your schedule and receive news and messages from the volunteer office at this link:

Volunteer Registration

Please complete  this online registration before you attend orientation.
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Volunteer of the Month

Susan Sutton

Cherryland Humane Society’s
Volunteer of the Month

February, 2018


Susan has been a volunteer at Cherryland Humane Society since September 9, 2017 and it’s hard to believe it’s only been six months as she has made a huge impact on the operations of CHS in a very short time.

Susan’s many roles include cleaning in the mornings, reception and even running to Home Depot to pick up ceiling tiles in the middle of her reception duties! Susan is also one of the first volunteers to step up and fill in when someone else is unable to make it in.

Susan will help wherever she is needed and does it with her wonderful smile!

Her professionalism, compassion and love for animals goes above and beyond.

CHS’ animals, staff and fellow volunteers have surely benefited from Susan joining its volunteer community and we hope she stays on board for many years to come!For her many hours of dedication helping CHS fulfill its mission, we salute Susan as February’s Volunteer of the Month!

If you see this beautiful lady, please tell her thank you, congratulations and job well done!