Our Mission

Rescuing the lost, finding homes for the homeless, providing hope for the hopeless.

Searching for and seizing upon opportunities to provide lasting help and a bright, positive future for all pets.

Our Vision

A responsible, loving, and permanent home for EVERY pet, and a heightened public awareness of the benefits of pets to mankind.

About CHS

A 501 C3 nonprofit organization
Independent – not affiliated with any other organization or governmental agency
Dependent upon donations, fund raising activities, estates, planned giving, memorials, and occasional grants for operation
Funds received are used locally
Receives no government funding for its operations
Not political in nature
Not activist in nature
Deals only with puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats

We are building to:
Save lives
Provide hope
Establish a bright and positive future for all pets

Over 25 Programs Dedicated To:

Receive and shelter unwanted and homeless pets
Find responsible, caring, humane homes for ALL pets suitable for placement for the duration of their lives
Promote spaying and neutering
Promote the humane, compassionate, and responsible attitude toward and treatment of pets
End the serious pet overpopulation problem
End pet abuse and neglect (purposeful and non-purposeful)
Provide response to emergency situations
Strengthen the human / animal bond
Promote the importance of pets to individuals, households, communities and society in general
Teach life lessons that pets have to offer
Promote a more humane attitude toward pets
Promote appreciation and respect for pets


1750 Ahlberg Road
Traverse City, MI 49696


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